Where can I buy Coco Jolie chocolates?

Our products are available for purchase through this website, and at a selected group of fine food purveyors.  Contact us to find a retailer near you, or if you require any assistance with your purchase.

Can I place a custom order?

We make every effort to accommodate our customers' needs, whether it's an issue of food allergy or a specific flavor or presentation you're looking for.  Please note that custom orders may require extra time to complete.

Are Coco Jolie products Kosher?

Yes!  We are proudly certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).  All our products are presently Kosher Pareve (non-dairy). 

Are your products gluten-free and allergen-free?

The majority of our products are gluten-free, however our production facility is not strictly gluten-free.  We do use hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, coconut and soy in many of our recipes.  We would be happy to create a customized, nut-free box for you, however we cannot guarantee that there is no trace of nuts or gluten due to our production set-up.

Is your chocolate Organic or Fair Trade?

Our mission is not only to deliver a product that looks and tastes amazing, but also to ensure that our raw materials are sourced from the highest quality chocolate producers who adhere to sustainable and Fair Trade farming practices. Some of our chocolate is from FT certified sources, and some is from cocoa farming co-ops which ensure ethical and environmentally sound agricultural practices.  We also use organic ingredients whenever possible, to provide you with an experience where the purest flavors shine through.

Do you cater for special events?

Yes! We love helping our customers celebrate the joyous occasions in their lives with customized party favors, gifts,  bonbon platters, displays, and full scale chocolate buffets.  

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out!