Coco Jolie Mission Statement

What is chocolate?

Ask most people, and they’ll tell you it’s just candy, a craving killer, that thing the hotel staff leaves on your pillow every morning to help you forget how much you’re spending on the room. If you ask where it comes from, they’ll say it comes from a factory, the corner store, maybe a vending machine. And if you ask how it’s made, they’ll shrug their shoulders and surmise it gets liquified in giant vats, squeezed out of tubes onto a conveyor belt, and mass produced in industrial machines.

But we know the truth about chocolate.

And that’s not it.

We know that chocolate was once revered as the food of the gods, a magic elixir served in gold cups used to officiate sacred rituals and ancient rites. We know the world’s oldest chocolate-making families guard their heirloom recipes with secrecy and pride; that connoisseurs travel thousands of miles to experience rare flavors only artisan chocolatiers know how to craft.

Chocolate is as much a process as it is a product; as much a tradition as it is a treat. We understand that because we respect chocolate. We respect the people who create chocolate, and the people who enjoy it.

That’s why we created Coco Jolie.

Our chocolate might not come in gold goblets, but that’s only because we believe chocolate is a treasure in its own right. Each Coco Jolie confection bears our deliciously unique signature, a distinct blend of European culinary tradition, the terroir of our select cacao farms, and the ingenuity of our founder.

The chocolate that goes into every one of our bon bons and bars is sourced from farms free of exploitation, child labor, and inadequate working conditions. Our chocolates are designed, crafted, decorated, and packaged all by hand, right here in our very own kitchen. And they’re made with 100% vegan, organic, and kosher ingredients. That means every bite of Coco Jolie is a triumph not just for your taste buds, but for an ethical, sustainable, and equitable world.

Because we believe you deserve the best: the best ingredients, the best artistry and technique, and the best care for our planet. With Coco Jolie, you don’t have to choose.