About Us

Coco Jolie is the realization of a life long dream.  Chef and owner Miriam Gitelman spent over 20 years as a design and technology professional, all the while honing her culinary and pastry skills via various side projects.

Miriam GitelmanA few years ago, Miriam had the opportunity to pursue her true passion and earn her Professional Pastry Arts degree from the International Culinary Center.  She has also continued to study with master chocolatiers around the world, including Melissa Coppel and Andrey Dubovic. Through Coco Jolie, Miriam is able to share her love of chocolate, sweets, and creativity with others.

The chocolates we create provide a luxurious, thought provoking taste and visual experience. 

Our products are made with the finest natural ingredients, including Fair Trade, Organic, and Non-GMO chocolate, and are certified kosher.

Coco Jolie views each creation as a gift to our customers, and the utmost love and care go into the design and production of every bonbon we make.