Hot Cocoa Bomb Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bomb Bombs

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It's like a bonbon, but instead of being filled with ganache or caramel, it's filled with our rich, delicious, vegan hot cocoa mix.  Just drop two cocoa bomb bombs in your mug, pour hot milk of your choice on top, steep for 30 seconds, then stir well and enjoy!

You get six cocoa bomb bombs per package, so that's three servings of hot cocoa.  

These delicious treats are available for purchase on their own, or as part of a lovely gift set which includes our gluten-free chocolate chip cookie bars and a 13oz mug in which to make your luscious hot cocoa and keep your hands warm while you sip. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We are now taking pre-orders, our Hot Cocoa Bomb Bombs will begin shipping the week of 11/25/19.

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