Classic Collection - Thirty Two Piece Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box


Imagine you have a beautiful and delicious box of chocolates, and you’re enjoying and savoring each one.  As you eat them and there are fewer and fewer left, you start to feel sad.  Soon, they will be gone, and then what will you do??\\

Our 32 piece box is the answer!  With TWO levels of chocolate bonbon perfection in each box, you’ll get to start all over again with the second layer.  Savoring each silky, smooth and rich chocolate and treating yourself to a blissful break in your busy day.   Keep this on the kitchen counter or the coffee table if you feel like sharing.  But if you want it on your nightstand, we won’t argue with that.  You do you!

Variants: You can select the classic variety, or a nut-free or gluten-free assortment. 

Either way you’ll soon be enjoying a luscious array of decadent, satisfying gourmet chocolate perfection!